What Is Adventure?

The joy of adventure biking is you can make it whatever you want it to be! Long gravel roads covering miles and vast terrain to the next camp site, gnarly “dirtbike” trails to see the back country and still have your chair with you to drink a soda at the top.
We have created a full area of tracks to practice all varieties of riding and tailor your one on one adventure lesson to you and your goals.
Headed out on your first trip and have questions about tools and gear? We can help!
Experienced rider wanting to gain more control and leverage to up your adventure? We have a program for you!

Adventure Bike Training Pricing

4hr Private Lesson
$275 Total
6hr Private Lesson
$325 Total

Dirt Bike Rentals

AZ Dirt Bike Training is partnered with Ready to Ride Rentals. We are able to offer you top of the line bike and gear rentals at a discounted rate when paired with training or tour guide.

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